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Recycle Ride recap

Cans, bottles, boxes, paper, etc. We throw them all into our blue bins, but where to do they go after that? Who sorts them, and how?

On May 5th, Querencia and the city partnered to host a Recycle Ride out to the newly functional recycling center at the landfill. The ride was hot but not too long (at 4 miles each way), and we had people of all ages riding along. For those of us with a burning curiosity to know what happens to stuff after we recycle it, the recycling plant tour was a real treat. Thanks to Querencia and Alana Presley for hosting the ride. Should it be yearly? Anyone miss it and want to do it next year?

Check out the combined weight of 8 or so riders on this truck scale. Less than a car, and I’m pretty sure this scale is way off for this low!











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found objects

I found this on my commute home from work. When traveling at a human speed; you notice the little things.

It used to be me, driving around with tools falling out of my car. Now I’m riding my bike and finding tools in the road.

Full circle?

I love finding useful stuff when I ride.

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How can you help?

bike flower

As bicycling in Denton continues to explode, we’re often asked “what can I do to help?” Sure, there are city meetings, group rides, and other opportunities that you’d have to mark on a calendar. But really, the greatest help you can provide is far simpler:

Ride often, in normal clothes, to normal destinations.

Replace even one car trip a week.

Make it look fun and easy.

Carry stuff.

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Tuesday PathLessPedaled happy hour; got an extra bed?

PathLessPedaled in TX

What’s it like to sell all your belongings, quit your day jobs, and tour the US by bike for the last 9 months?

Come to Dan’s Silverleaf, Tuesday at 6PM, and ask Russ and Laura on the back porch over a pint of beer.  You can support them by giving them a place to sleep for 2 nights, snacks, cash, simple conversation about life and plan-less adventuring, and buying Laura’s hand-hammered copper headbadges:

headbadges for sale

Several Dentonites headed to Ft Worth last week to see their bike tour presentation, and we were amazed that over 100 excited, supportive people showed up to learn, chat, and cheer them on.

Ft Worth PathLessPedaled presentation

Russ and Laura are heading to Denton on Monday to tour our little heaven.  I can imagine showing them Recycled Books, Beth Marie’s, SE Denton, Taco Lady, Querencia’s new shop, etc.

Russ and Laura are seeking a place to stay for Monday and Tuesday nights, so if you can put them up, please send them a message ASAP.

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Denim Ride recap

Despite rain and cold temperatures, an impressive crowd turned out for the Jan 23, 2010 Denim Ride.  Yeah, it was raining, and yeah we wore this most absorbent fabric, but hey, that made it even more memorable.  A wide variety of bike and riders turned out: road bikes, cruisers, a pedicab, two tall bikes, some fixies, an xtracycle, and a 3-wheeled Workman cargo trike.  Given how many folks came out on a cold, rainy day, I can’t wait to do this again when it’s sunny (but maybe not 100+).

The Denton Record Chronicle put a couple photos on the Sunday paper front page the next day, and Danny Fulgencio from the Dallas Observer took some great photos during the ride (with enviable bike/camera handling skills).

At the ride’s end, we dispersed into downtown businesses and happily spent money without using a single car parking spot:  Beth Maries, Jupiter House, Hydrant, Dan’s Silverleaf.  Councilman Jim Engelbrecht met us for ice cream at Beth Maries and to support the ride, and yes, he was wearing all denim.

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Cyclesomatic !!! Oct 2-11 Schedule of Events

10 days of Dallas bike love starts NOW.  Read the whole schedule and you’re bound to find something you want to participate in.  BikeDenton.org and Oak Cliff Bike Company are teaming up to put on events around 8-10PM on Oct 10.  Bands, Texas Toast fixie crew (incredible trick riding), TallBike Freakshow, etc.

A good number of us Denton folk are headed to Dallas for the Hellhound On My Trail historic-themed group ride tomorrow at 2:30PM.

Full schedule of events:

Bike Friendly Oak Cliff is proud to announce Cyclesomatic, a week long bicycle festival in North Oak Cliff from October 2nd to the 11th. Events will include a history-themed group ride, bicycle competitions, Bike to City Hall, Biketoberfest! in Bishop, an Urban Bazaar, a “Kiddical Mass” Ride, Bike to School Day, BBQ, Bands,Bicycle Films at the Texas Theatre, Art Bike Shows, and guest speaker councilwoman Angela Hunt. New Belgium brewery is sponsoring part of the week, and we’re coordinating efforts withDART, BikeDenton, the Oak Cliff Bicycle Company, the Cube Creative, Eno’s Tavern, and more.


8:30PM 75208 Presents Dallas Group Night Ride

9:30PM “B.I.K.E.” Film at Texas Theatre


2:30PM BFOC Historic Blues Group Ride

7PM Eno’s & New Belgium presents the film “”Beer Wars” at the Texas Theatre


12PM 75208 & Photopol.us present Bicycle Photo Scavenger Hunt

2PM – 9PM Eno’s Presents Oktoberfest in Bishop Arts District

1PM Doom Presents Oktoberfest Alley Cat Race


8PM 75208 Presents “Bikeoke at Barbara’s Pavillion”, bicycling, beer, and karaoke.


7PM – 9PM Tyler Street The Oak Cliff Bicycle Co. Presents Dallas Bike Polo Club Game in Bishop Arts


7AM Rosemont Bike to School

7:30AM – 9AM Dallas Bikes to City Hall with Council Members

3PM Rosemont Kiddical Mass

4PM Kids’ Floats at Eno’s


7:30PM Council-member Angela Hunt speaking @ Texas Theatre

8PM OCTA Presents “Contested Streets” @ Texas Theatre


7:00PM (or sundown) – 11PM Belmont Hotel and SMOKE present Bike-in Movie Night by the Pool featuring the classic film “Breaking Away”. Beer and BBQ!


12PM Old Oak Cliff Conservation League Home Tour, Group Ride. Meet @ The Kessler Theatre.

12PM-8PM Make Presents:Urban Bazaar

7PM – 11PM OCBC & the Cube Creative Present: Tyler Street Block Party. Races, Competitions, Bands, Art Bike Competition, BBQ and more.

Tyler Street Block Party


12PM – 4PM Make/Eno’s/OCBC/BikeDenton Present:

Urban Bazaar

6PM “Triplets of Belleville Film at the Texas Theatre

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Dallas Council Members Oct 7th Bike to City Hall

So I haven’t yet made a big announcement of the 10-day Cyclesomatic bike fest in Oak Cliff, Dallas, but I should.  The problem is, it’s so awesome and so expansive that I’ve had a hard time summing it up.   So whatever, I’ll break it down and dish it out in ADD-friendly sizes.

Today I’m crazy excited about the Bike To City Hall event on Oct 7, in which Bike Friendly Oak Cliff will ride with 5 Dallas City Council Members to City Hall.

Awaiting others now. Also, we’re still working on the Mayor, a State Rep, and a Senator! Will update soon.

Oh, and Good Morning, Texas! Host, Robert McCollum may be riding with us on a tandem with a news crew! Stay Tuned…

The event description is no less exciting:

October 7th, the City of Dallas Promotes Dallas Bikes to City Hall on October 7th 2009. Arriving at 8:30AM and Unveiling of Complete Streets Initiatives

The city of Dallas, in cooperation with DART, the City Parks Department, and Bike Friendly Oak Cliff invites all to bicycle to City Hall to promote greater bicycle awareness on the morning of October 7th, 2009. Several Council Members have signed on to ride starting at Union Station to City Hall on bicycles that we’ll provide, but all others are encouraged to ride from home to City Hall Plaza. We’ll arrive at the Plaza at 8:30AM, and Council Members will unveil upcoming projects that embrace future citywide Complete Streets initiatives, and introduce the city’s new bicycle coordinator, Max Kalhammer. More details on routes coming soon.

On October 8th, at 7:30PM, Council Member Angela Hunt will host the evening and discuss infrastructure developments and initiatives noted from recent trips to Portland, Vancouver, and Copenhagen at the historic Texas Theatre. Afterward, the documentary Contested Streets, will be featured, which profiles New York’s streetscape history, and its efforts to become more pedestrian friendly. Large cities around the world are showcased along with some of the most renowned urban planners.

If you come at 7PM, the North Texas Chapter of the Congress for New Urbanism will be holding a discussion in the lobby of the theatre. Should be fun!

Get Tickets today at Brownpapertickets.com: 

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Bikelstar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica actress, Kandyse McClure (Dualla, to my fellow nerds), shows off her vintage Raleigh townie bike and talks about her history of biking.  She bought the bike form her local community bike shop, and she talks about her choice to be car-free.

I love the idea of a vintage bike that has been given new life and the folks at Our Community Bikes do an awesome job – new tires, brakes, gears and chain so that she’s safe and road ready but nothing to take away from her original charm. Since I am still without a vehicle these days (by choice of course) my bike has to be practical – so the basket up front, the rack in the back and a bell where necessary elements but also help restore her to her former glory. I can see it now – flowers, fruit and a baguette piled up in the basket and purchases from a day at the used bookstore secured to the rack.

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Joys of Hauling

I love riding with big stuff.  I feel a sublime satisfaction when moving big things via bike instead of by car.

I sold a mountain bike frame and a tube amplifier head on ebay, and both things went in big boxes for shipping.  Then I needed to get the stuff to the shipping store a mile away.  The shipping store is on my way to work, and I don’t have a parking pass, so I loaded everything up on my Burley trailer.


The vacuum tubes, separately packed, are on top of the tube amplifier head.  The tall box holds the bicycle frame.

Riding with this much weight requires more effort, but not as much as I’d have thought.  In retrospect, disc brakes would’ve tamed my descent of the Denton St hill, but I managed to stop before the stop sign at the bottom.


Having reached the shipping place (on University), I sent my stuff off and rode to work with the empty trailer.

And of course, not wanting to make an empty trip back home from work, I stopped by a coworker’s house and retrieved some fence posts that he didn’t need.


100 lbs, 100 degree heat, it’s easier than you think.

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Ray Roberts S24O

That’s “Ess two four oh”, in case you thought the last digit was a zero.

An S24O is a “Sub 24 hour Overnight” bike camping trip, and the term was coined by Grant Petersen, of Rivendell Bicycle fame.

If you have to work for a living and don’t have summers off, bike camping is easier to fit in, and the easiest way of all is with Sub-24 Hour Overnight (S24O) trips. You leave on your bike in the late afternoon or evening, ride to your campsite in a few hours, camp, sleep, and ride home the next morning. It’s that simple, and that’s the beauty of it. You can fit it in. It requires almost no planning or time commitment.

For this S24O, we rode from central Denton out to Ray Roberts, and we camped in the Isle Du Bois campground.  That campground has nice, large, secluded campsites which border the lake.  You can walk 30 feet and be in the water, which feels exquisite during the summer.  Our route was about 17 miles each way, and it’s fairly flat with a climb up the lake dam near the park.  One of our campers climbed it just fine on a single speed mountain bike, so it can’t be that bad.


The route out there is beautiful, and once you get north of Loop 288, the city unwinds into grassy fields and a wide shoulder to ride on.

nice, WIDE shoulder

nice, WIDE shoulder

I think packing for bikecamping is easier than packing for car camping, because you can’t haul as much on a bike, and it’s harder to endlessly capitulate over which shoes to bring (and then end up bringing all the choices).  Since you’ll only be out for a day or so, you won’t need a cooler or much cookware.  We usually bring a burrito for one easy meal, and I usually pack a sandwich for a simple, no-cook breakfast.  The simple comforts/needs are the most appreciated.  As always, we made  Bookish coffee in the morning, just like at home, ground by hand.


Zassenhaus turkish coffee mill, unbreakable french press

Isle Du Bois campsites at Ray Roberts are not directly accessible by car, so they’re quiet, easily accessible by bike/foot, and you won’t have headlights/sound interrupting your quiet camp experience.  Except for occasional trolling fishing boats and buzzing recreational watercraft, it’s pretty quiet. Even in the dead of summer, the water is refreshingly cool, so bring swimming clothes.


I liked our route, which used the northern half of the Greenbelt trail.  Wide tires are nice for this kind of riding (I use 28c-35c), but our friend Cooper came along with us on skinny road tires and did just fine.

At a minimum, you’ll need a rear rack to carry some stuff: tent, sleeping pad, food, clothes.  A front rack is also nice, because it can even out the load and make the bike easier to handle than if unevenly loaded.


After a long mid-morning swim, we packed up and rolled out.  Efficient bike camping generates minimal trash which can be easily hauled out.


On the return ride on the Greenbelt, we stopped at the Old Mckinney bridge.  It’s a 100+ year old dilapidated structure, but the main concrete piers tower over the shallow creek.  I think the sign said that Bonnie and Clyde had used it as an escape route, but I can’t find any mention of that in historical text.


There’s a gas station on the return route, in case you need water, snacks, or a pear tree.




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