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Thursday Roundup

– Next Tuesday, Sept 6, city council will decide whether to allocate a $192,000-300,000 budget surplus to immediate implementation of specific Bike Plan projects. Event RSVP. NTDaily article. DentonRC article.

– Man posts Facebook event threatening to kill people who ride at the next Tuesday Night group ride. Police notified, event removed. Terrifying excerpt.

– Pedals & Pints group ride will follow the rail trail from Corinth City Hall to the Denton square for the hot-rod car show on September 10th, 9:30 AM.

– Fort Worth continues to roll out even more bike lanes and sharrows downtown.

– Dentoneer’s Christopher Walker wrote a nice article introducing new students to Denton bike culture.


Friday roundup

– US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood talked about bike and pedestrian projects creating twice as many jobs per dollar as typical road infrastructure. He discusses the inequity that 12% of trips are by bike or foot, despite 1% of infrastructure spending, and 14% of road fatalities are cyclists and pedestrians.

– According to a CDC report, 57 percent of adult Americans say that their neighborhood features are of high importance in determining their levels of physical activity.  About two-thirds of adults said they were willing to take civic actions to improve neighborhood features. More than 40 percent were willing to write letters. Sixteen percent were willing to pay more in taxes. More from BikeLeague.

– Oregon House Rep Mitch Greenlick proposes HB 2228 to make it illegal to transport a child under six by bicycle. Critics respond en masse, Greenlick claims the idea is merely a discussion starter and not a debate.

– Austin Cycling Association launches a defensive biking class, so cyclists can take a course by League of American Bicyclists instead of paying a fine.

– Bike Friendly Oak Cliff and CarShareOC sponsor a challenge for families to go 52 weeks without driving. WFAA reports that 16 families have signed up.

– BFOC and Photopolus host a Jan 10 – Feb 11 contest to take photos that “capture our city’s growing bike culture and the people and bicycles in it.”

– Copenhagenize found a video of bicycle activists in Guadalajara painting their own bike lanes, bike boxes, and putting up signs.

– Texas Sunset Commission tries to slim down TXDOT, recommends to replace committee with appointee. Seek to move forward towards the “adult conversations” about how to fund Texas transportation projects.