Denim Ride recap

Despite rain and cold temperatures, an impressive crowd turned out for the Jan 23, 2010 Denim Ride.  Yeah, it was raining, and yeah we wore this most absorbent fabric, but hey, that made it even more memorable.  A wide variety of bike and riders turned out: road bikes, cruisers, a pedicab, two tall bikes, some fixies, an xtracycle, and a 3-wheeled Workman cargo trike.  Given how many folks came out on a cold, rainy day, I can’t wait to do this again when it’s sunny (but maybe not 100+).

The Denton Record Chronicle put a couple photos on the Sunday paper front page the next day, and Danny Fulgencio from the Dallas Observer took some great photos during the ride (with enviable bike/camera handling skills).

At the ride’s end, we dispersed into downtown businesses and happily spent money without using a single car parking spot:  Beth Maries, Jupiter House, Hydrant, Dan’s Silverleaf.  Councilman Jim Engelbrecht met us for ice cream at Beth Maries and to support the ride, and yes, he was wearing all denim.

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  1. rose says:

    Lookin’ good Den-uhn 🙂

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