Tuesday PathLessPedaled happy hour; got an extra bed?

PathLessPedaled in TX

What’s it like to sell all your belongings, quit your day jobs, and tour the US by bike for the last 9 months?

Come to Dan’s Silverleaf, Tuesday at 6PM, and ask Russ and Laura on the back porch over a pint of beer.  You can support them by giving them a place to sleep for 2 nights, snacks, cash, simple conversation about life and plan-less adventuring, and buying Laura’s hand-hammered copper headbadges:

headbadges for sale

Several Dentonites headed to Ft Worth last week to see their bike tour presentation, and we were amazed that over 100 excited, supportive people showed up to learn, chat, and cheer them on.

Ft Worth PathLessPedaled presentation

Russ and Laura are heading to Denton on Monday to tour our little heaven.  I can imagine showing them Recycled Books, Beth Marie’s, SE Denton, Taco Lady, Querencia’s new shop, etc.

Russ and Laura are seeking a place to stay for Monday and Tuesday nights, so if you can put them up, please send them a message ASAP.

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