You can buy these locally-screened shirts for $15 from Circa77 (225 W. Oak St). $5 from each shirt goes to Denton’s Querencia Community Bike Shop.

jonatha holding bikedenton shirt

women's bikedenton shirt

men's bikedenton shirt


11 thoughts on “Shirts

  1. atomicmama68 says:

    nice shirts! beautiful photographs :^)

  2. Joe Gregory says:

    Nice job and great price on the shirts. Thanks for doing this. I am looking forward to getting mine.

  3. David Wright says:

    Awesome deal! Can you even break-even at $5?? I couldn’t even buy the Chalupa’s to power the guy powering the delivery bike for $5.

  4. melissa says:

    favorite shirt.

  5. […] About|Stolen Bikes|Research|Shirts| […]

  6. Nancy says:

    Would love some for the family.

    • howard says:

      Nancy, stay tuned, because we’re about to stock these in a store. The May $5 bike-delivery special is over, and we’ll have to make a new production run to stock the store. We’ll announce on the blog when they’re available. Thanks!

  7. cooper says:

    luis or someone told me he saw a bike friendly denton shirt in austin

  8. Caleb says:

    I never got mine, and I requested it before May 😦
    Not much chance to get one now though, I live in Austin now.

  9. bikedenton says:

    Caleb, if you’d like your L and M shirts shipped to you, holler at, and I’ll be happy to send them.

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