Stolen Bikes


If  you have a stolen bike to report yourself, please contact us at!

6 thoughts on “Stolen Bikes

  1. The bike is now in police custody. Thank you all for your help.

  2. It was parked right outside Kroger on University at around 7 pm on 8/27. We told the sheriffs that stand outside and they called the city police for us. The guy who had it wasn’t the guy who stole it. He was a vagrant that found it in a drainage ditch about a week ago. The serial number, seat, seat post, fenders, and hand guards were missing or replaced with other parts.

    The police officer took the bike as a possible stolen bike. There is no way to “prove” it was mine so they are going to impound it.

  3. Taylor says:

    Hey I had my yellow and black gmc bike stolen it’s a street bike if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated

  4. lhrtnews says:

    My buddy’s bike was stolen from his yard on Anna St. last night.

    2007 Trek 4500
    blue/silver, black
    front end suspension

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