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ride slow look around

It’s quite easy when on a bike to pull over, walk 10 feet, feel the breeze, and take a photo.  In a car, I probably wouldn’t have noticed this, and if I did, I might not bother to stop and take a photo.

This is the kind of work commute that I like:


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Dallas Officially Encourages Commuter Cycling

Joe Simnacher of Dallas Morning News writes:

Urban planners are looking to enlist more mild-mannered Clark Kent-like bicycle commuters to help battle Dallas-Fort Worth’s air-pollution and traffic congestion woes.

Six years ago, Paul Hakes of Irving could hardly pedal three miles. Now he cycles a 42-mile round trip, three times a week, to his job at Texas Instruments in Far Northeast Dallas. His safety gear includes a mirror, light and camera.
They want more people to consider bicycle commuting for short distances, either directly to work or to link to mass transit.

The city of Dallas has started the construction bidding process for the East Dallas Veloway, which will link the Fair Park area to the White Rock Lake trail by late 2009.

Mike Sims, senior program manager of sustainable development for the North Central Texas Council of Governments, says:

“Ultimately you’ll be able to get on a bicycle from downtown Dallas up to Frisco and up to Plano”

Wow. And I never thought I’d want to move back to Dallas.

I can only hope that the City of Denton notices this great action by Dallas, especially since Denton’s smaller size naturally lends itself to bicycle commuting. A cooperative effort between Denton city planners and community cyclists (like the Querencia Community Bike Shop) could have amazing results.

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