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Project Alpha: Wind Power in Denton?

From the March 3, 2009 City Council Agenda, section 1(C)1:

C. Deliberations regarding Certain Public Power Utilities: Competitive Matters – Under Texas Government Code Section 551.086.

1. Receive a presentation from staff regarding negotiations between Denton Municipal Electric (DME) and a leading wind developer. The project is known as “Project Alpha”; discuss, deliberate and provide staff with direction.

Interesting.  I wonder who the developer is, and I wonder if this will be actual turbines in Denton or just wind-power supply from elsewhere?  I get sad seeing all those huge wind turbine parts trucked up I35E through Denton, as they travel to windy vistas elsewhere.  

Funny enough, I was about to blog about the insane fickle winds north of town, near where I work off Hwy 77/N Elm.  It’s windy every single day of the year out here.  More than one UNT employee out here at Discovery Park has muttered “they could run this whole building with solar panels and wind turbines.”  It seems much windier north of town than where I live in the center of town.  Too bad the presentation was in a closed-door meeting, I’d love to see the details.  Go Denton wind power!