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Johnson Branch trail recon

I snapped a few photos while riding DORBA’s Johnson Branch trail last weekend. It’s just north of Lake Ray Roberts, and it’s got about 9 miles of singletrack loop. It’s mostly not too hard, except for the red loop, but there are some tight tree gates and loose rocks. I’ve seen deer here before, but I spied a bobcat last weekend!

flowy part of Johnson Branch

Johnson Branch tree gate (notice handlebar rub marks on bark)

Johnson Branch skull

Johnson Branch mini tree berm

Johnson Branch rock garden (red loop)


Johnson Branch typical exposed section

Johnson Branch baby oak

Johnson Branch tree gate (sort of)


Johnson Branch trail wilted plants

Johnson Branch cacti

Johnson Branch feather

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Corinth Time Warp MTB Race Series

Corinth Cycling is hosting a cross-country 3-race series, starting this weekend.  Funds raised go toward trail development in Corinth!


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