Thursday Roundup

– Next Tuesday, Sept 6, city council will decide whether to allocate a $192,000-300,000 budget surplus to immediate implementation of specific Bike Plan projects. Event RSVP. NTDaily article. DentonRC article.

– Man posts Facebook event threatening to kill people who ride at the next Tuesday Night group ride. Police notified, event removed. Terrifying excerpt.

– Pedals & Pints group ride will follow the rail trail from Corinth City Hall to the Denton square for the hot-rod car show on September 10th, 9:30 AM.

– Fort Worth continues to roll out even more bike lanes and sharrows downtown.

– Dentoneer’s Christopher Walker wrote a nice article introducing new students to Denton bike culture.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Roundup

  1. Opus the Poet says:

    I’m linking this in my blog. Isn’t there a law in TX about dismembering people?

    • Opus the Poet says:

      Also shouldn’t there be some response to the 34 people that indicated they support this maniac, like a knock on the door inviting them to a one-way trip to Gitmo?

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