DCTA Rail Trail to eventually cross Lake Lewisville


Last night at DCTA’s Citizen Advisory Committee meeting in Denton, Boris Palchik of DCTA reaffirmed that DCTA does intend to eventually build the Rail Trail across the lake and along the full DCTA A-train line.  The A-train website also states this and describes future intent to connect to other regional trails:

The trail, which will begin in Denton and ultimately connect all five DCTA stations, will parallel the DCTA rail and will tie into a pedestrian bridge being developed by TXDOT over Lewisville Lake. Connections to other municipal trails are also being coordinated.

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2 thoughts on “DCTA Rail Trail to eventually cross Lake Lewisville

  1. Devin says:

    I know that there has always has been mention of having a ped-bridge over Lake Lewisville, but I cant shake the feeling that the idea will be neglected for whatever reason. With that aside…..That ped-bridge is gonna be awesome!!!

  2. James says:

    When done that will be so heavily used! That’s very exciting. I wonder what the timetable is on that?

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