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Got a bike trailer? Help Querencia move, this Saturday

Got a cargo bike or bike trailer?  If so, you’re invited to help the Querencia Community Bike Shop move across town this Saturday at 2PM.  They’re finally moving out of the backyard on Hickory and relocating to 411 E. Sycamore, which some of you may know as Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios.

You can RSVP to the Facebook event.

They’re desperate for trailers, let me tell you.  Word on the street suggests that they will buy food and beer for anyone who arrives with a bike trailer, and the bigger the better.  Anyone in DFW, for that matter.

Their move will be highly visible, as they cart hundreds of bike frames, tools, and parts through the Denton square to get to the new shop location.  Even though the gentlemen at Little Guys Movers offered use of a large truck, QCBS hopes to move as much as they can by bicycle.  But they can’t do that without your help, because these poor saps only have two child trailers and 2 cargo bikes.

Want to become a champion?  Email info@qcbs.org and let them know you’ll bring a trailer and help them move!

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Querencia permanently closes Hickory St shop

qcbs hickory shop closed

The Querencia Community Bike Shop all-volunteer nonprofit announced today that they’ve closed their Hickory St public shop after almost 1.5 years of being open almost every weekend.  Many of our readers/writers overlap as volunteers there, and we are extremely excited about the relocation to a large leased space adjacent to the Rubber Gloves music venue.  If you’d like to help with the construction and/or move, email them at info@qcbs.org. Thanks for a great year on W. Hickory, QCBS, the community repaired a LOT of bikes.

This seems crazy, but I’ll actually kind of miss having this in my backyard.  However, the large new location will offer more secure storage, expanded public shop hours, and a home RIGHT NEXT to the coming A-train station.

It’s been great, y’all.  Our Hickory street shop has housed our bikes, tools, and open shop days nearly every single weekend of 2009.

As all good things must end, we are officially closing this shop while we complete construction and the move to the new shop on E. Sycamore, next to Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios.

Want to help with construction?  Great.  Drop us a line at info@qcbs.org, and we’ll find something you can do to help.  We’ll be working on shop every saturday until we’re done, and we don’t expect this transition to take more than a couple weeks.  If you have a generator or stick welder we can borrow, we’ll thank you forever!

Our immediate goal is to build a storage shed in which to put our tools and perishables, and then we’ll need to move everything to the new location.  We’ll definitely need help with moving, so you’ll hear us announce an official moving party date soon.

In the meantime, go enjoy a nice ride for no reason in particular.  It’s the best kind.

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Querencia fundraiser for new shop – Saturday 1/30/2010

Denton’s Community Bike Shop, Querencia, is having a benefit fundraiser show tomorrow night at Dan’s Silverleaf.  After the last year of operating their all-volunteer 501c3 non-profit out of a backyard, they’re finally graduating to a generous outdoor space next to Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios on Sycamore.  The remarkable proximity to the downtown, the coming DCTA commuter train, and SE Denton will enable them to expand shop hours and help get even more folks on bikes in 2010.  Since they’re building on empty concrete space, they’ll need to build a fence and several 10 X 10 shop structures (to avoid needing a building permit for one larger structure).

Proceeds from the show will help them build their new permanent shop, and they’ll soon be moving the shop inventory by bike to the new location.

Doors at 8PM; $5 for cyclists, $7 for drivers


  • Mariachi Quetzal
  • The Angelus
  • Old Snack

They’ll have reggae and soul vinyl DJ’d before and after the show, and plenty of bake sale goods.

RSVP via Facebook

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Querencia Bikes-To-Kids Awards

As seen over on the qcbs.org site, Querencia concluded its first ever Bikes-To-Kids program last week on Thursday, and they have some pictures of the excellent artwork made by the 4th and 5th grade Art Club students.

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