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Denton police request removal of bikes left at square

bike chained to handrail on the Denton square

photo by Adrian Rollett: http://acrollet.posterous.com/

Seeing all the bikes at last weekend’s 35C was inspiring, but the Denton Police Department kindly asked us to spread word that all leftover bikes chained around the square should be removed by Friday. Anything left over will be removed and impounded, so save yourself the trouble and get them while it’s easy. The presence of so many bikes indicates growing need for more bicycle parking, especially downtown. The city recently spent $55,000 on angled parking conversions to add 12 new car spots, but no new bike racks were added.

The Denton Police also wanted to remind everyone that it’s illegal to ride on the square sidewalks, and that cyclists should obey the laws of the road, ride with traffic, and use hand signals (simple pointing works fine for me).

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