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Holiday Bike Drive gives away 40 bikes

Kids on new bikes

Yesterday evening at the Cumberland Presby Children’s Home, 40 children of deployed military families and children from abusive households received free bicycles and helmets for the holidays.  Through a collaborative effort by Gina Atkinson (Denton Chamber Ambassador), the VVA, Little Guys Movers, and Querencia Community Bike Shop, the bikes were purchased, assembled, and delivered.  Some kids immediately jumped on and started turning laps around the circle driveway, grinning from ear to ear.  If you’ve never seen anything like this, it’s a wondrous sight, and I won’t be surprised if this event gets more popular each year. There’s a special satisfaction in helping assemble the bikes and then seeing them ridden by happy kids at the award ceremony.  If you want to contribute or help next year, get in touch with Querencia or Little Guys next winter, because I have a feeling they’ll be busy elves in the Little Guys’ warehouse again.

little girl on free bicycle

kids bikes lined up in semicircle

3 kids bikes

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