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Bicycle Racks Coming to Denton Square

The Denton square has approximately 160 angled car parking spots around the courthouse, yet the tiny racks hold only a handful of bikes.  Yesterday, I met Linda Ratliff, Director of Economic Development, and she explained that they the bike racks are coming soon.  “We’ve got them and we’re waiting for them to be installed”, says Julie Glover, Economic Development Program Administrator.

The racks are the serpentine up-and-down kind, and they’ll be painted forest green to match the park benches and trash receptacles.  There will be 4 or 5 larger racks, which will go to the high bike traffic areas, like near Jupiter House and the Hydrant.  The smaller bike rack loops will be moved just off the square, and some racks will be installed on Cedar St.  Parks and Recreation will install the racks soon, which are already in possession of the city.

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