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Can you help a fellow traveller?

This gal and her decked-out touring ’84 Raleigh Super Course, dubbed “Ferdinand”, just caught my attention while walking around the Square.

Her name is Hillary-Anne Crosby and she’s writing a book called Babes and their Bikes with a design friend, Lauren. Their plan was to make a trek from Austin to Chicago, and document all the rad spoke’d gals they came across in their journey. They’ve made an effort to hit as many local bike shops as possible, most recently Oak Cliff Bicycle Co and Bullseye Bike Shop here in town.



The recent, violent storms though in our part of the country have thrown a giant wrench in the trip plans however, as the Oklahoma leg of the journey is seeming all but impossible at this point. Hillary-Anne is on a schedule though, and is endeavoring to finish her journey by June 7.

I left Hillary-Anne outside of Jupiter House, where she said she was going to spend some time and recoup her strategy on how to continue onward. She had considered chartering a Greyhound to get through the next leg, but their requirements of boxing her bicycle were not proving viable.

If you know of any way you could help Hillary-Anne on her way to Chi-town or want to show up as a Babe on their Bike to be documented, shoot her an email at


Best of luck to ya, Hillary-Anne!


– Christopher

“Can’t stop; don’t want to.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush (NYT, Columbia Pictures)

Happy Labor Day!

Seeing as its my first post go-around, I thought I might begin with a lighter fluff piece.

The cinema lured me out with “Premium Rush”, the tale of a no-holds bar NYC bicycle messenger named Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who receives a package that sets him out on a perilous ride. Wilee is meant to represent the most stereotypical of fixed-gear riders; “Brakes are death. Pedestrians can get you killed. Taxis are a menace. Can’t stop; don’t want to.” make up his credo. His persona makes up the typically likable bad-boy protagonist.

Most of the way through the film, my mind went into PR worry mode. Bad biking image – bad biking image – bad biking image. The stylized recklessness with which Wilee and his fellow bike messengers take to the streets is both fascinating and unnerving, but really makes up the great bulk of action for the film. There’s an even a scene where a tiff between fixie vs. geared mentalities becomes a plot point and is only settled by an alley-cat race. It is all fast, dangerous and as a quick Google search can confirm, much akin to how these messengers make their frightening day-to-day pay.

My unease sat with me until I came to a crucial realization:

This is fixed-gear “Fast & Furious”.

Though those sort of films have their detractors, they are enjoyed by large groups of people – people who are not oft to join in on illegal street racing any time soon. Thus, I began to enjoy the film again, and found it easy to do so. “Rush” comes across quirky and cartoonish at times, but ends up a great summer action flick with some rather fun characters. Michael Shannon’s villainous cop is a great plus.

So, I would readily recommend this film, with the caveat that I’m not witness to any like antics going down Hickory anytime soon.

In other news, it looks like the City got some nice fresh paint over the existing lines of N. Carroll, and without needing $30k in consulting to boot. Now if only they had made a quick left at Oak and added some right-hand lanes while they were out there…

I’ll be keeping an eye out on the Traffic Safety Commission and Council’s plans on implementing the Denton Pedestrian and Bike Plan. Till then, I’d just like to say it’s great to be on board.

– CW

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