Tonight we ride… in stats!


Tomorrow starts the League of American Bicyclists’ yearly National Bike Challenge, in which participants and teams compete under friendly terms to pedal the most miles between the months of May through September.

The goals this year are to include 50,000 riders going for 30,000,000 miles. The stats are tracked via the usual apps such as Endomondo, Moves, and MapyMyRide and logged into a linked profile you make for yourself.

This year, the Shawnee Trail Cycling Club of Frisco is the designated local challenge group for Collin and Denton counties and have reached out to us gather involvement in their challenge. According to coordinator Joel Hoback, STCC will be getting local sponsors to offer small prizes each month for their local challenge. The local goal is to have 1000 participants attain 600,000 miles – something we think can be attained over 5 months of the year. Joel also encourages participants to post media regarding their rides to the local challenge page and for those social media-savvy types, official hashtag is #NBC2014 (eat your heart out, TV peacock).

You can additionally join or create teams based upon your school or workplace and see how you stack up against other local participants.

We’re going to be making monthly updates and check in to monitor progress on this challenge and we hope you’ll join us!

– Christopher

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