Can you help a fellow traveller?

This gal and her decked-out touring ’84 Raleigh Super Course, dubbed “Ferdinand”, just caught my attention while walking around the Square.

Her name is Hillary-Anne Crosby and she’s writing a book called Babes and their Bikes with a design friend, Lauren. Their plan was to make a trek from Austin to Chicago, and document all the rad spoke’d gals they came across in their journey. They’ve made an effort to hit as many local bike shops as possible, most recently Oak Cliff Bicycle Co and Bullseye Bike Shop here in town.



The recent, violent storms though in our part of the country have thrown a giant wrench in the trip plans however, as the Oklahoma leg of the journey is seeming all but impossible at this point. Hillary-Anne is on a schedule though, and is endeavoring to finish her journey by June 7.

I left Hillary-Anne outside of Jupiter House, where she said she was going to spend some time and recoup her strategy on how to continue onward. She had considered chartering a Greyhound to get through the next leg, but their requirements of boxing her bicycle were not proving viable.

If you know of any way you could help Hillary-Anne on her way to Chi-town or want to show up as a Babe on their Bike to be documented, shoot her an email at


Best of luck to ya, Hillary-Anne!


– Christopher

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