Recent ride – west of Denton

Nearly any ride, in any direction, shows you things you’ve never noticed before. We wandered out Jim Christal, up Masch Branch, and found some fun things off smaller roads.








3 thoughts on “Recent ride – west of Denton

  1. Capt'n Sky says:

    Jim Christal is old Texas Highway 24, one of the original 26 HWYs in the state (see Wikipedia). Between Masch Branch & the Denton Power Sub Station, on the south side of the road easement, you can see an original concrete culvert that once spanned over a long diverted creek. There is one more structure hidden along the stretch hidden in some underbrush. That’s part of several 50>75 mile rides of the Corinth Cycling Clubs published routes.

  2. Neal Pipes says:

    Where are these routes published as I’d love to ride it. Keep it simple, please, as a former ludite I have trouble navigating the electronic media. This comment should not surprise that it is from:
    Neal P.

  3. Capt'n Sky says:

    If you’d like to ride with a group, join the appropriate Saturday ride by reviewing Corinth Cycling’s club Rides

    and reviewing the forum

    If you’d just like to follow one of the established routes (most leave from Corinth), you will find them here,

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