Corinth trail beauty

I haven’t written much for BikeDenton lately, but I’m still riding around and taking photos. We’ve had some golden weather, and I’ve taken my own advice to get off the internet and ride a bike. As often as possible.

Just before the new year, I went out and explored the Corinth mountain bike trails on my CX bike, and I snapped these photos on the  first section, just off the Denton Katy rail trail. It’s the least challenging section of the trails, but I really like the aesthetic. Creek, grazing horses and cows, barns, timber fence. The rest of the trail is twisty, as it has to be in such a small space, but it’s still fun to ride and easy enough that I’ve done it on wider road tires (32c). It’s the only real trail you can easily bike to from within Denton, and for that, I appreciate the hell out of it.



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