dress shoes and pedal straps

That’s right, two shoe posts in a row.

I ride with all kinds of different pedals and foot retention. I like the right tool for the job, and I don’t obsess about any one approach: SPD, platforms, clips, straps, powergrips. I found a new favorite combo this week: pedal straps + dress shoes. Velo City straps, Ecco shoes.

It. Just. Feels. So. Right.

Bike-specific clothes have their uses, but as I like to say:

Ride often, in normal clothes, to normal destinations. Replace even one car trip a week. Make it look fun and easy. Carry stuff.



2 thoughts on “dress shoes and pedal straps

  1. […] dress shoes and pedal straps by bikedenton That’s right, two shoe posts in a row. […]

  2. lithogrleena says:

    Imagine my disappointment upon moving to Denton from Austin in 1997, only to find no bike culture in Denton. I might have ridden once or twice during the two years I lived there. I am happy to see that UNT, with all its hype about being a “green” campus, finally providing services for human-powered transport.

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