Traffic Safety to discuss bike education, safe passing signs

photo excerpt of Austin Bike Plan education chapter

On tonight’s Traffic Safety commission agenda, they’re set to discuss a bike safety education program for Denton. The agenda backup includes bike safety promotional material from the Austin Bike Plan, BikeTexas, and a Maine advocacy group. The commission will also preview road signs for the Safe Passing ordinance.  Since the federal road manual (MUTCD) doesn’t have a Safe Passing sign, this will be a preview of a proposed sign, possibly one used by another city or state.

Since tonight’s meeting isn’t a public hearing, there’s no opportunity for public input, but spectating is always welcome. 5:30 PM, Service Center Training Room – 901 A Texas Street.

One last tidbit: page 33 of the agenda mentions that the Bike Plan will go to city council for final approval in February 2012.

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