Seen on Friday

Weld closeup from Robert Gomez‘ titanium do-everything bike, a Litsepeed with the rare, polished finish.


Basket on a BMX bike!



One thought on “Seen on Friday

  1. HiTecHoBo says:

    There’s a reason you don’t see that many polished Litespeeds. As the owner of 2 lites we’d bicycles, I considered buying my frames in polished but reviews about the quantity of scratches that they acquire, just as pictured, prompted me to buy the brushed finish. Titanium alloys have poor abrasion resistance and since the brushed finish is nothing but scratches, it maintains it original character many times longer before showing wear. The brushed finish is also unique to titanium bicycles. The polished titanium, most commonly, looks like a chrome steel frame and after a little use, a scratched chrome frame. Both finishes can be refinished, but it’s alot easier to refinish brushed than polished. Besides the satin look on brushed ti frames and parts portrays the modern and Hi-Tech nature of the componentry A true sin was the painted options.

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