Bell Ave gets crosswalk

Bell Ave gets crosswalk

The Bell/Hickory intersection between the square and downtown transit center has always needed a crosswalk. I wrote about it last year and this year.

The city installed it on Friday, and although there’s not a button and timer, the paint is a good start. The families who have been playing frogger with car traffic will appreciate it, as will the downtown businesses who will benefit from improved walkability.

Denton’s Transportation Director, Mark Nelson, made a video about it.

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  1. HiTecHoBo says:

    ***Congress threatens to end ALL dedicated bike/ped funding – contact your Senators and Representative today!***

    ***ACTION LINK: ***

    House Transportation Chairman John Mica announced today that his proposed long-term federal transportation bill will eliminate dedicated funding for biking and walking — including Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School and the Recreation Trails Program — referring to these programs as “not in the national interest.”

    Things on the Senate side are not much better. Senator James Inhofe, a lead negotiator in the Senate, declared that one of his top three priorities for the transportation bill is to eliminate “frivolous spending for bike trails.”  Senator Inhofe’s comments mean funding for bicycling and pedestrian programs is at risk of total elimination

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