DCTA A-train launch bikey details

new wave racks at DCTA train station downtown

Denton celebrated the opening of it’s first passenger rail line on September 30, 1924. Nearly a century later, in just a few weeks, (on June 18) DCTA will throw an opening day bash for the A-train passenger line. The Rock N’ Rail celebration will give free train rides and host festivities at each station. There will be bands, food, etc. They need a bunch of volunteers, around 150, so if you want to help, fill out this DCTA volunteer form.

There are a few key details people should know about biking and the A-train:

  • You can’t bring a bike on the train for opening day. The trains will be too crowded to fit bikes, and DCTA generously allows bikes on board anytime after opening day.
  • The train cars will be an older style for the first 18 months, so they won’t have bike hooks. If you want to take a bike on board, you’ll have to securely hold it.
  • DCTA asks that people load bikes on the train via the stairs, not the ramps.
  • The rail trail re-opens concurrent with the train service. Denton Parks & Rec asks that people stay off the trail till June 18.
  • Pictured above are nicer wave bike racks at the downtown station for about 40 bikes.
The celebration is noon to 4PM, and it’s going to be a blast. Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios will have $.75-1.00 drink specials next door, and the Querencia Community Bike Shop will be open from 3-5PM. E.
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6 thoughts on “DCTA A-train launch bikey details

  1. danny says:

    Thanks for the update! I’ve been very curious about the bike situation on the A-train. Too bad there’s no hooks for a while, but it will def be a major improvement over how bikes are handled on the current Commuter Express buses. Any idea if the trains will run faster when thy update the train cars a year and a half from now?

  2. Daniel says:

    Are there plans for the rail trail to go farther than MedPark station?

    • bikedenton says:

      @Danny: I’m not sure if the newer Stadler trains will be faster. They’re definitely sexier, more accommodating, and they run cleaner. The older cars are kinda cool looking, shiny like Airstreams.

      @Daniel: Totally. The rail trail goes all the way through Corinth and ends right before the lake. I used to ride it all the way over near the Rave movie theater. Eventually, it’s supposed to go to Dallas.

      • I just rode this trail today. I started on the Corinth side and missed the transition at the Med Park station on the way there. On the way back I discovered that you actually have to cross the tracks at the station.

  3. Kacey Close says:

    Any update as to when the bridge over 288 will be completed? If it’s there, I’ve never noticed it.

    • bikedenton says:

      Yes! Parks and Rec is taking bids on construction in July with construction to start soon after that. They want it done in the beginning of 2012.

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