Shelby mows lawns, rides a bike

For a fair price, Shelby at Denton Greencut will ride his electric bike to your house, and mow your lawn. You can schedule an appointment via the form on his site, or you can text him at 972-897-3239. You can pay via Paypal. I can’t think of a more appealing lawn care business for millenials, honestly. As pictured on the digital gauge, he’s put almost 7,000 miles on that rig already. If he drove a 20mpg truck at $3.50/gallon, he’d have spent $1,225 on fuel. He wants to move to electric mowing gear only to eliminate the 2-cycle motor emissions. His Mad Max-esque electro bike can cruise at 30mph, cover 30-60 miles, and can put out 3,000 watts.

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6 thoughts on “Shelby mows lawns, rides a bike

  1. gayla says:

    What do you charge for a fron and back yard?

    • john says:

      It depends on how big the yard is and how tall the grass is. For yards that are howard’s size – $15 or $20

  2. john says:

    You always take the best pictures Howard!

  3. That’s pretty cool. Is that 30 MPH with the loaded trailer? Or is that the speed of his unladen bike?

    Not to be a wet blanket and I applaud Shelby’s crazy inventiveness, but doesn’t Texas law limit ebikes to 20 MPH?

    • Damcard says:

      Last I checked, the law says ebikes can go to 30 mph without assistance, and above 30 mph with assistance. It can weigh as much as you like. Its power is limited to 3000 watts. So, looks like you are good if I am correct.

      It used to be 20 mph without assistance and about 20 with assistance. And they limited the weight to 100 lbs, but had unlimited power. I liked that law more. I am tired of laws and all the changes.

    • john says:

      Correct – texas law limits an ebike to 20mph – so technically my bike falls into the moped category. No license, registration, or insurance, but I don’t think I’m allowed to ride it on bicycle paths.

      20mph top speed is with the trailer – I don’t feel safer going faster than that. Real top speed of the bike is more like 35mph on the windless flats when it’s in “turbo” mode.

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