NAHBS lunch with Path Less Pedaled

Bromptons Less Pedaled

There’s no shortage of NAHBS bike bling coverage out there, so I thought it’d be nice to feature some of great people I’ve met and talked with.

Yesterday, I had lunch with Russ and Laura of Path Less Pedaled at Frank. Russ and Laura came through Denton last year on their whirlwind US bike tour, and they made some new friends here in town.

Notice the tiny Brompton folding bikes between the booth seats. They just picked those up here in Austin at NAHBS and their next trans-America adventure will feature the downsized wheels and unbeatable portability. Between the Bromptons and Amtrak, the new trip will have a pretty awesome and unique flavor. The idea is definitely infectious, and now I really want a folder!

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One thought on “NAHBS lunch with Path Less Pedaled

  1. Russ says:

    Nice seeing you again Howard. Hope you make it to PDX while we are there.


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