SUV hits cyclist on Fry St

I haven’t liked covering so many recent accidents, but they deserve public attention, especially as the city bike plan is underway. We received a phone tip about this last night, and the NTDaily ran an article today about the accident.

Nathan Hardy was riding south on Fry St from City Parc to UNT, when he was struck by a Lincoln Navigator that was turning onto Oak. Both approached the green light, and the SUV failed to yield and struck Nathan. Denton police cited the driver for failure to yield.

Hardy was flung from his bike and slid about 20 feet, said Steven Schroeder, Hardy’s friend and roommate, who was cycling just behind him at the time of the accident.

“His bone was sticking out of his leg and he was screaming,” said Schroeder, a communication design sophomore.

The driver immediately pulled over and called 911, witnesses said. Emergency personnel arrived in less than five minutes and Hardy was transported to Denton Regional Hospital, Schroeder said.

According to a friend, Hardy rides a bike for his primary transportation and hadn’t driven in a year.

The accident scenario (car fails to yield and hits cyclist head on while turning) is eerily similar to another accident this week where local BMX photographer, Travis Kincaid, was struck head-on.

On a related note, I recently found a 1970’s plan by UNT and Denton to add bike lanes to Fry. Fry businesses (including one Curtis Loveless) fought the plan (to save a few parking spots), and obviously the project didn’t go through.

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2 thoughts on “SUV hits cyclist on Fry St

  1. Mike says:

    I will probably get a lot of negative feedback, but here goes. Cars are required to watch for, and yield to, pedestrians and bicyclist, that is the law. I am a lifelong bicyclist and I love riding around town (Denton) on either my mountain bike, road bike or on tandem with my wife. I am also a motorist (I drive a Mini). I really think its great more young people are riding bikes around town, that’s super. But, there are a lot of bicyclists that could learn how to properly ride. No texting or talking on a cell phone on a bike, same for driving a car. Ride single file. Pay attention to drivers, make eye contact, don’t assume someone sees you or even cares about you. Pay attention to riding.

  2. Steven Schroeder says:

    He just got done with his second surgery, and is doing good(as good as possible). He’ll be leaving the hospital monday! His leg was broken and it’s gonna take about 6 months to fully heal. Lucky that little designer brain of his wasn’t damaged.

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