portrait: Eric Pulido

This post kicks off a Bike Denton portrait series that emphasizes the human over the bike, the personality more than the commute and gear details. I tend to not think of us as cyclists, but people who ride a bike sometimes.

To Copenhagenize is to humanize.

This first portrait is of Eric Pulido. He plays in the band Midlake. His car broke down a while ago, and he didn’t replace it.

Eric Pulido rides a bike in Denton, TX


3 thoughts on “portrait: Eric Pulido

  1. Hubbard says:

    Keep the shiny side up!

  2. mamabike says:

    hey, eric! i think it’s cool that you didn’t replace your car… hope you’ve been keeping warm on your bike with all this nasty weather! i’ll be sure to wave to you when i see you out riding!

  3. Dav says:

    Nice photo! He has the look of having lain down some killer riffs.

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