Meet Peter Koonce, Portland traffic engineer

Maybe this video is only interesting to transportation wonks (hand raised), but it’s too good not to post. This is Peter Koonce, Portland traffic engineer, discussing the limitations of the MUTCD (Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices) – the guiding text of American road design.

Tasty quotes:

  • [Capacity] is one of those elements that they suggest widening the roadway as the solution, when in reality that may just be exacerbating the problem.
  • It’s ingrained in us as engineers that pedestrians may be an impediment as opposed to important users that we should prioritize.
  • At our downtown Portland streets, we’re progressing cars at 15-16mph.
  • If you’re walking most of the time, then when you get in your car you’ll be more respectful.
  • The easiest mode to serve is a pedestrian. Once the sidewalks are poured, you don’t have to repave. The sidewalks in my neighborhood are from 1907.

via via BikePortland:

Peter Koonce, Portland traffic engineer riding a cargo bike


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