San Francisco makes Green Wave light timing permanent

SF Green Wave cyclist riding through light

photo by Bryan Goebel

As Streetsblog reports, San Fran made the popular Green Wave light timing permanent yesterday.

Valencia Street’s nearly two-year-old Green Wave signal re-timing aimed at prioritizing bicycle traffic speeds continues to please street users, city leaders, and advocates alike. What started as a temporary pilot will become a permanent institution this week with the installation of four new Green Wave signs along the corridor.

Following examples in cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Portland, the signal optimization keeps vehicles traveling at a steady cycle-friendly 13 mph from 16th to 25th streets while garnering benefits for all users.

This design resulted in calmer street traffic, increased efficiency, increased safety, reduced pollution, reduced noise, fewer cyclists running red lights, and a “thriving commercial corridor.”  Any predictions which Texas city will implement this first?  Austin?  Dallas?  Arlington?  Houston?  I’d guess Austin, thanks to the innovative engineers in Austin Public Works.


One thought on “San Francisco makes Green Wave light timing permanent

  1. Opus the Poet says:

    Before most N TX cities could do this they would have to convert from on-demand sensored lights to timed lights, which would cost million$. I don’t see this happening any time soon, if for no other reason than the cost, not to mention the number of local transportation planners in the area that are openly hostile to using bicycles as transportation.

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