2010 recap


New Year’s Eve libations don’t fit well in a titanium bottle cage, but we tried anyways.

2010 was a transformational year for biking in Denton. I’m a little sad that almost half of the popular stories are about accidents and assaults, but those stories serve a good purpose. Looking forward to 2011, we expect some big news about an increasing range of topics.

Thanks to everyone who rode a bike, reported an accident, sent in a story idea, reported a stolen bike, and got involved with local advocacy.  Cheers!

From the stats, here are the top 10 most viewed 2010 stories on bikedenton.org:

  1. Denton high school students assault cyclists, get caught
  2. World’s first Denim Ride – Jan 23, Saturday
  3. Driver hits Denton cyclist, cyclist ticketed
  4. SUV hits cyclist on Eagle
  5. What is Strøget, and who is Jan Gehl?
  6. Bicycle accident map
  7. Bullseye Bike Shop Owner Foils Robbery Attempt
  8. NTX Bike Polo holds court, and you’re all invited
  9. Bike Lanes Vs Wider Outside Lanes
  10. Ari Gold – Biking around the world

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