Cyclist egged

Last night around 10PM, a TWU grad student (and all around sweet person)  was egged while riding near 900 W. Congress St by someone in a black pickup truck.  The truck sped off before she could see the license plate number, and the Denton police said they’d put this assault on file.

“It made me feel scared to be riding my bike.”

The last similar incident was in May when seven Denton high school students assaulted several cyclists with bananas.  A similar incident in Portland landed the assailants in jail.

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3 thoughts on “Cyclist egged

  1. What sort of sad, SAD wanker drives around with eggs
    looking for cyclists? Pathetic.

  2. Kati says:

    I’m so sorry this cyclist experienced this abuse. I have to ask myself: what is happening in this city? There is a growing hate brewing and there needs to be a forum for us to express it and determine some next steps.

  3. stephen says:

    Like my walking and cycle-riding friends, I feel personally offended by the words and deeds of some. But more often, people slow their cars to let me across the road with a letful gesture. Will more walking and riding = more graceful driving?

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