Update on Eagle drive accident – cyclist identified

The man who was hit yesterday on Eagle drive is Mason Lynass, a percussion performance major at UNT, aiming to get into the Jazz Studies program.

Through speaking with him, we learned that his concussion caused memory loss and he doesn’t recall the accident specifics, although his condition is stable. He said he’s glad the hospital allows him to eat solid food today, and he’s still at the hospital for a bit longer, pending tests.

Overall, he sounded stable and optimistic, and we wish him a speedy and full recovery. Having spent time under ER scrutiny for my own bike-related concussion, it is absolutely not fun.


One thought on “Update on Eagle drive accident – cyclist identified

  1. amber says:

    get well soon, mason! do you need anything? i can make you some cornbread, or a pot of soup, or swing by kroger to get you a few things. let us know! we can all lend a hand until you are back on your feet again!!! (ps, i called my councilperson today and yelled at him for once again not providing adequate bike access around town. he was sympathetic and patient with me, but i’m still pissed off.)

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