Kathryn Newton to address city council

On the agenda for tonight’s city council meeting, item 5.D.2.b shows a citizen report: “Kathryn Newton regarding cyclist and pedestrian safety and rights.”

If you’ll recall, Kathryn’s husband, Alex Newton, was hit by a car and then ticketed for “failure to yield”.

Although the council meeting starts at 6:30PM, the other agenda topics (including gas well ordinances) look fairly weighty and could take 3 or more hours to get through before Kathryn can speak.  Regardless, we’ll be there and looking forward to hearing her address the council.  This is only the second bike-related citizen report we’ve ever seen, so it’s a great one to spectate and show support for.

Facebook event here.

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2 thoughts on “Kathryn Newton to address city council

  1. stearns says:

    I sure hope she doesn’t push for bike lanes there are other options including mixing bike lanes in certain areas.

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