Consultants working on Safe Routes, bicycle plan updates

Last week, we spoke briefly with city engineer Frank Payne to check the status of bike planning in Denton.  As you can read, Denton has hired consultant(s) to work on safe routes for children and an update to the city’s bicycle plan.

We have the consultant working on the Safe Routes to School project and have been gathering information through DISD.  We have a contract negotiated for the bicycle plan update and have been discussing possible roles with the UNT professor, wrapping that up as recently as a week ago last Thursday.  So, we should be underway on the bike route update shortly, pending contract execution.

We’re very happy to hear reports of progress, and we hope to see a realistic, benchmarked bicycle plan that doesn’t collect dust, as many master plans do.  We’d like to find out contract details including cost for the SRTS and plan update projects, and we’ll report back when we know the numbers.

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