40 Biked-To-Work!

Thanks to all the cyclists who came by The Hydrant for our first BikeDenton commuter station for Bike-To-Work Day!  We met riders from all walks of life: a pathologist, a professor, a police lieutenant (Tom Woods), a city councilman (Dalton Gregory), UNT staff, an elementary school teacher, UNT students, parents with children in tow, a random guy just riding by, a massage therapist, and many more.  We saw road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, cargo bikes, and bike trailers.

All in all, we gave away 40 breakfast tacos from The Hydrant (via Mi Casita), at least 2-3 carafes of Bookish Coffee, and we sold about 20 BikeDenton t-shirts.

Today (and really all days), we salute you riders for doing your part.  We are already excited about doing this again in 365 days!  Do we really have to wait that long?

First two photos courtesy of Trent Geerdes:

bike to work day 1

bike to work day 2

bike to work day 3


3 thoughts on “40 Biked-To-Work!

  1. Adrian says:

    let’s do it last friday of every month! 🙂

  2. Levi says:


  3. Ofc Andy says:

    Sorry I missed you guys but I am on a pacific island getting some good off road riding. Just wanted to say what a great job you guys are doing with cycling in Denton. Summer is almost upon us and I’m sure the downtown area will be more active.
    I would also like to pass on that the #1 complaint I get from merchants on the square is cyclist on the sidewalk. As we know sidewalk riding can be hazardous and we fare better on the road. I try to give friendly reminders to unknowing cyclist. People who ride on the sidewalk without due care may be ticketed. This is just around the square area.
    Thanks for educating cyclist, this is a great group.
    Ofc. Andy

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