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Black bean burger.  Black bean Chalupas.  John B Burger.  Mussels.  Guinness.  Sidecar cocktails.  Porch dining.  Totally awesome bike rack?

Today, we thank Ken Currin, owner of The Greenhouse restaurant, for building this great bike rack.  Yeah, I know, serpentine racks aren’t always a cyclist fave, but a covered roof and a bench?  We think credit is due, and we’ve consciously made a few more recent trips to the Greenhouse to express our appreciation, and we know this bike alcove couldn’t have been cheap.

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4 thoughts on “Greenhouse rack love

  1. Danny says:

    Very cool! Great to see Denton establishments giving some love to area bikers. Way to go Greenhouse.

  2. Chris Lewis says:

    I’ve already used this rack twice. Thanks, Ken, for the accommodations.

  3. Dennis says:

    Why are other rack styles preferred? I like these racks, but I know other racks, like at Big Mikes, can handle more bikes. WHY DO THESE RACKS RECEIVE SO MUCH HATE? IS IT THE MOON? THE SUN? THE WIND. YES.

    • howard says:

      We really love staple racks (think “upside down U”) that are being used in other cities: Austin, Portland, NYC, etc.
      staple racks

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