“nannering” assault spree against local cyclists?

Since publishing the story, two more cyclists have admitted also being hit by thrown fruit in the last month, and one specifically recognized the white, 4-door, MKIV VW Golf Tdi in question. If any cyclists have similar assault crimes to report, please contact the Denton Police Department.

The story of Saturday night’s assault has received a lot of interesting feedback, and even national coverage by Streetsblog.  The comments cover all the usual angles: absolution, condemnation, empathy for both parties, and threats towards cyclists.  Even family members of the suspects have commented.

Sources in the Denton high-school community report that this is part of an unofficial sport called “nannering”, in which the participants purchase bulk fruit from the Kroger on University and use it as ammo to pelt each other (and obviously innocent bystanders).  We urge the parents, teachers, and principals, to advise students to cease this reckless pursuit.  We all remember doing things we regret in high school, but assaulting innocent bystanders is far over the line of social and legal acceptance.  Reckless driving has claimed lives of at least four area high-schoolers I can recall in the last year, and pursuits like these aren’t worth injury, jail time, or worse.  For those who think a thrown banana is no big deal, read how this cyclist was almost killed by a mere cup of thrown ice.


One thought on ““nannering” assault spree against local cyclists?

  1. Lyle says:

    And this is why Krystal should have pressed charges. The first time someone gets caught at a crime is almost never the first time they committed one. The remorse exhibited by the little angels was only remorse at getting caught.

    At the very least, the driver should have been cited for littering. Whether or not anyone “intended harm”, they clearly intended to throw bananas.

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