Hinkle bike lane pothole alert

large Hinkle bike lane pothole

large Hinkle lane pothole

Alert: if you ride on Southbound Hinkle Lane, beware of this large, deep pothole that appeared overnight.  I didn’t see it on my work commute yesterday, so I’d guess it appeared since then.  I would expect serious injury and mechanical destruction if you were to cycle through this bizarre sinkhole.  Hell, it would hurt if you walked through it.  I got down and studied it, and I could see a slight hollow space under the asphalt, like an expanding pocket of erosion.

I reported it to the city traffic engineers (Frank Payne, Bud Vokoun, Clay Riggs) and the councilman for that district (Jim Engelbrecht).  We’ll report back if we see repair action, so until then, steer clear.

Today I encountered a large new pothole in the Southbound Hinkle bike lane, and the pothole depth is quite alarming.  I’ve attached pictures that show the location in front of ERA Cornerstone and the depth relative to a 26″ bicycle wheel.  We’ve all seen some good potholes in Denton, but this one is quite freakish.  I got down and looked at it, and the hollow part extends several inches beyond the edge of the hole and towards the center of the road, like an expanding sinkhole.  There was no hole there yesterday when I was commuting home from work.

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  1. Trent says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve recently started packing my camera after encountering too many obstacles during commuting. Started calling police after seeing this every week. http://trentg.smugmug.com/Other/velohate/IMG4106/833080431_wrri2-X2-1.jpg

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