Votes for Beers

People are willing to do a lot for free beer.  Especially free, local, quality beer.  If voting in this local election this Saturday would get you free, local, quality beer, would you vote?  BikeDenton and  ThinkDenton think so.

Anyone who has voted in the Denton election for city council and school board can come out to Dan’s Silverleaf between 5-7pm on Saturday night for a free pint of semi-local Franconia beer (after that, pints are half-off at $2).  Bring your “I Voted” sticker.  If you early voted, we can check the roster.  If you lie, you pay $6 per pint.

So you don’t know anything about the candidates?  We have you covered.  ThinkDenton saves you the trouble of googling “city council election” and navigating through the county/city website merry-go-rounds.  No offense, city/county website folks, but if you want more people to vote, it’s got to be easy to figure out who/how/when/where.

ThinkDenton made this awesome, succinct guide.  It’s got polling dates, locations, candidates (and their respective districts), and video interviews conducted in an attic.  ThinkDenton has bacon-wrapped the spectre of local politics for you and made it simple and appealing.  Our last post included a BikeDenton candidate questionnaire which contains answers from the most contested race: District 6 between James King and Hatice Salih.  Want more bike infrastructure?  Then elect the candidates who you think will best work towards that.

We’ll see you on the Dan’s Silverleaf back porch.

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