Why isnt Sherman getting bike lanes?


2 thoughts on “Why isnt Sherman getting bike lanes?

  1. stearns says:

    The right lane is quite large enough to ride in comfortably without a bike line, why not worry about better riding roads that are more dangerous or worse off?

  2. Devin says:

    The right lane isn’t wide enough when some jackass in a pickup truck is yelling at you because he thinks you shouldn’t be on the road. Having a striped bike lane would be a start at educating drivers and giving riders a little more buffer on a wide, fast road.

    If the City came to me and said, “We will put one bike lane on one road in Denton, where should it be?” I wouldn’t pick Sherman Drive as the most dangerous or worst street for bikes in town. But all it needs is a couple of gallons of paint to make it better and they’ve got the equipment out there now. It will be 20 more years before they restripe it, so if they don’t put a bike lane in now we won’t get one there til 2030.

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