City engineers to present bicycle accommodation findings to council

Mark your calendars, and come show support on April 5 and April 13 as staff presents findings from the input hearing last week. Community support at this moment in time is critical to keep this topic progressing through city bureaucracy and politics.  If you’re shy, then these are perfect meetings for you, as there is no chance for public commentary.  Your silent presence will help immeasurably.

Via email from Clay Riggs of Utility & CIP Engineering, the staff engineers will present information on bicycle accommodation to both the Traffic Safety Commission and City Council:

Attendees of the Bicycle Public Meeting held 3-22-2010,

City staff wants to keep you informed of what is going on.  A copy of the power point used during the public meeting is posted on the City of Denton Utility & CIP Engineering website.  City staff is still processing the questionnaires that were collected during the public meeting.

Two important meeting are coming up.  The meetings are:

Traffic Safety Commission

Date:     Monday, April 5, 2010

Time:     5:30 pm

City Council Meeting

Date:     Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time:     4:00 pm (Time could change depending on number of agenda items)

At the Traffic Safety Commission meeting city staff will present to the commission the presentation that  was given during the public meeting held March 22, 2010.

At the City Council meeting city staff will present to council a staff position paper for bicycle accommodation.

This is a positive indication that staff are actively thinking about cyclist accommodation, and as we heard at the input hearing last week, they are listening as the community articulates what folks want to feel safe and comfortable while cycling.  Both the Traffic and Council meetings are open to the public, and showing up in person goes a long, long way to indicate to politicians, staff, and commissioners that the community is really paying attention to how this plays out.   If we stay involved, we increase our chance of seeing this result in some lasting, positive change for Denton’s livability.  Given the other hot topics for livability: increasing walkability, obstructive dumpsters, traffic calming for neighborhoods, the fight for cycling infrastructure only helps coalesce the audience which can fight for all of those things, and we maintain open dialogue with city staff to collectively voice community concerns.

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