Bike NX35

Reasons to bike or walk the NX35 music conference this week:

  1. Our friends at the Querencia Community Bike Shop are providing free bicycle valet service for the free Flaming Lips concert at the county fairgrounds on Saturday. See below for bike route.
  2. Parking will be worse than scant at all venues and around downtown
  3. After 5PM and on the weekends, UNT has tons of free parking lot space, and you can leave your car there and bring a bike or walk.  See the rules for details on which lots require permits when.
  4. Burn off all those food and beer calories.  Seriously.
  5. Biking NX35 will greatly reduce the automobile emissions which contribute to our “F” air quality grade.
  6. Biking NX35 will calm car traffic, thereby reducing crashes and making it safer for everyone.

Things to remember when cycling in Denton:

  1. law requires a front white light and red rear reflector
  2. respect stops signs and red lights
  3. don’t ride on the courthouse square sidewalks, it’s illegal
  4. lock your bike, duh
  5. call for pedicabs at (940) 312-8298
  6. yield to pedestrians

Bike Routes to NX35

  1. UNT Welch parking lot to Flaming Lips show bicycle valet at Fairgounds: map
  2. Flaming Lips show to downtown square venues: map
  3. downtown square to Rubber Gloves venue: map
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