Cyclist hit by car on Hwy 77

77/Joyce cyclist hit by car

An eyewitness reports that a cyclist was traveling west on Hwy 77 around 5PM and T-boned a car which pulled out from the stop sign at Joyce, directly in the path of the cyclist.  The witness reports that the cyclist hit the car and flipped over the hood, landing in the roadway.  Paramedics and police responded to the accident, and Public Information Officer Ryan Grelle stated that the cyclist was not transported to a hospital.  Grelle also stated that fault and accident logistics are still pending investigation, so no further details were available.

So here’s the rub.

I serve on the city’s Traffic Safety Commission.  At a meeting last fall, I asked city traffic engineer Bud Vokoun if Hwy 77 could receive any kind of signage indicating that cyclists commonly travel on it, especially since there is no shoulder on which to ride.  Bud responded that TXDOT would laugh at me and say that cyclists shouldn’t be riding on the highway.  I pointed out that the UNT Discovery Park campus is located directly on 77, and employees and students cycle to this location, and protection/visibility is warranted.

I wouldn’t say that signage would have prevented this accident, but it’s a step towards educating drivers that cyclists do ride on this road.  Daily.

As student and employee numbers increase at UNT and especially at the UNT Discovery Park Campus, we’ll continue to see serious risk to cyclists and pedestrians along the (mostly) 55mph stretch of Hwy 77, although I’m fairly certain that today’s accident location occurred in a 45mph zone.


If you’d like to contact TXDOT directly, there’s a comment/request form here.  If you get a response, we’d love to know what they say.

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4 thoughts on “Cyclist hit by car on Hwy 77

  1. Naomi Brynard says:

    Why can we not get funding to put sidewalks for cyclists in? It is part of the UNT campus and although the buses do run out here, there are many of us who live in the neighborhood and walk/bike to work…

  2. Natalie says:

    I’ve just recently started riding here in denton. I’ve noticed that fewer people seem to pay attention to cyclists here. I don’t know that signs would be the most effective even. Sure they may help some but lines on the road as well as more cyclists to me make a bigger statement. I mean I felt safer riding in plano on the road as people saw me. I think part of it is that the roads are more open though. I was getting really frustrated today when I had a car tailgating me really bad going through TWU. I was going the speed limit even that was in adition to the typical hooks that people try to do and they tried to pass me at intersections when I took the lane. I thought they were to b I think it is more than one location but most of Denton has issues wth the road. It was my first time to ride across town and I wasn’t too impressed with the drivers.

  3. Ed says:

    I’m glad the cyclist wasn’t badly hurt, or killed. Hgwy 77 is dangerous on a bike, but it is the only way to get to Discovery Park.

    There is a sidewalk on the north side of 77 up by Discovery Park, but drivers are definitely not looking for cyclists on the sidewalks. As a driver, I think cyclists who do not ride with traffic (on sidewalks, on the left side of the road) create danger for themselves. Hgwy 77 is intimidating on a bike. I ride the stretch from Riney to Discovery Park.

    I’ve had a few near misses with cars that didn’t see me in an intersection. When I’m on the road I assume every car doesn’t see me. You have to be paranoid when riding. A bike route from town to Discovery Park would be ideal. Drop a bike lane on part of it.

  4. Kati Trice says:

    I contacted TxDOT. Thanks for the link to their contact page. I’ll let you know when I hear from them. 🙂

    Dear TxDOT,
    In my community of Denton, we have recently had a cyclists hit by a car driver on Highway 77. Although this road is a highway, managed by your department, it is also a heavily utilized road by pedestrians and cyclists in a very urban and densely populated area of my city. There is clear need to make changes to Highway 77 in Denton, Texas to allow for bikes to travel safely. The road needs a dedicated bike lane, on-road bike insignia, “Share the Road” signage, and at the very least, a shoulder in which cyclists can safely ride. For the health and safety of the people in my community, your department needs to make changes to Highway 77.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Kati Trice

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