US cycling up 25% since 2001

The League of American Bicyclists just leaked some new data from the National Household Transportation survey about bicycling’s share of all trips in the US.

Bicycling has finally climbed to 1% of all trips in the US.  I know, we’re nowhere near Copenhagen’s 37% or Amsterdam’s 38%,  but I gladly celebrate a 25% increase in the US across the last decade.

There’s hope and there’s change.  This is change.

How did Copenhagen experience their change?

“I think the inspiration in Copenhagen came with the big cyclist demonstrations that first happened in the 1980s. It was tens of thousands of people showing up demanding better bicycling facilities. It surprised politicians… so they decided something should be done and then they told the engineers to do it. There was some resistance in the beginning, but they had to do what they were told to do.”

-Niels Jensen, Senior Traffic Planner, Copenhagen

Stay tuned, Denton.  March 9, you can show the politicians that you demand better bicycling facilities here.

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