Dallas to get dedicated cycle track on Bishop Ave

What’s a cycle-track, you ask?  It’s a bike lane physically separated from the automotive roadway, like this one in NYC:

As written about in the Dallas Morning News and BFOC, planners are seeking to utilize $3.7 million in bond money for Bishop Avenue to add a dedicated cycle track.  The project also covers landscaping improvements, utility replacement, and rebuilding Bishop as a concrete roadway from Colorado Boulevard to north of Davis Street.

Many issues and concerns still need to be addressed, said Max Kalhammer, the city’s bicycle coordinator, citing safety, traffic flow and whether bike lanes should be built on one side of the street or separated as shown in the proposal.

Bishop’s existing 100-foot right-of-way makes the corridor especially suitable for building what would be the city’s first barrier-protected bicycle lanes, he said.

Kalhammer also mentions that Dallas will soon be hiring a consultant and drafting a new city bicycle plan.

Kalhammer and others have begun developing a new city bicycle plan. A consultant should be hired by mid-March, he said. A plan will be crafted in committees and after public meetings.

City Council member Delia Jasso has said she likes the idea of segregating bicycle lanes along this stretch of Bishop.

So how about it, Denton?  Where would you like to put a cycle track here?  Carroll?  University?  Avenue C?  Teasley?

I’d advise you Denton readers to keep an eye out for bond-funded road improvement projects, and direct your cycling infrastructure suggestions toward those already-funded projects.

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One thought on “Dallas to get dedicated cycle track on Bishop Ave

  1. Devin says:

    University, or Dallas Drive. Both are important corridors that are dangerous to ride on, and not being able to ride on them blocks off access to wide areas of town by bike.

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