World’s first Denim Ride – Jan 23, Saturday

Tweed rides are happening everywhere, even via our beloved family in Dallas at Bike Friendly Oak Cliff.  Folks get dressed up all dapper in beautiful wool patterns, and they ride bikes just for the sake of it.

Evidence of the Bike Friendly Oak Cliff Tweed Ride:

photo by Raul Bonifacio

We love it, we support it, but we know Denton wants to respond to the tweed-ride phenomenon with its own distinct grace.  I can’t think of anywhere to get tweed in Denton (and please comment if you do), and I really believe Dentonites exude tasteful southern small-town style worthy of fashionable celebration.

What is the modern ubiquitous fabric, never celebrated as posh, considered even more awesome when it’s worn and distressed?  It’s worn by farmers, rock stars, aspiring rock stars, bikers (of the loud motorized sort), rappers, kids, adults, etc.

It is the ultimate fabric of the people.  And not just American people, because really the French, Italians, and Indians started it.


Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly announce the world’s first* Denim Ride:

We’ll convene at 1:30PM on the corner of Fry and Hickory, in the grassy area next to the UNT Language building.  We’ll leave around 2:00PM, and after an easy jaunt around central Denton, we’ll cruise to the square, where we can take a group picture on the steps of the magnificent historic county courthouse (thanks to BFOC for the inspiration).   After that, we’ll wind down to nearby Industrial St to end the ride at our favorite local townie bar, Dan’s Silverleaf.  You could stroll down to get food at Fuzzy’s, Roosters, or Hot Box Pizza, and don’t forget to tell all those businesses how much you need bike racks on that block.

Don’t know what to wear?  Think cowboy/cowgirl.  Think James Dean.  Think whatever you want that celebrates as much denim as possible.  I have cowboy boots, and I’m going to wear them, because I want to look like a friggin’ Texan on a bike. If you’re really stressing, maybe we’ll get local beardo Remington to model some possible looks.

Need clothes?  Don’t worry.  Circa 77 Vintage on the square is offering 25% off from now until the ride if you mention BikeDenton.  They usually even have a rack of free clothes outside on the sidewalk.  If you can’t afford that, then the thrift stores on University can outfit you.

If you get a flat, don’t worry.  Querencia Community Bike Shop is sponsoring the ride by bringing basic tools, and they can help teach you how to fix that untimely flat.

If you need a drink, don’t worry.  Dan’s Silverleaf is going to offer BikeDenton drink specials at the end of the ride.

Denton Pedicab is sponsoring the ride in one or more ways:  by either bringing disabled persons who are unable to ride a bicycle, or possibly by hauling around some bluegrass musicians to serenade the ride.  Maybe both, I hope.

We can’t wait to see what YOU wear!

There’s a Facebook event to which you can RSVP.

*this is the only publicity for a Denim Ride I can find, besides the uncanny exact same idea put forth by our friend Myles at Rattrappress in Ft Worth.

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14 thoughts on “World’s first Denim Ride – Jan 23, Saturday

  1. Doohickie says:

    Actually, the denim part came from me in the comments. I think it’s a great idea and hope to be there.

  2. I don’t own any tweed but I do have denim. It looks like I’ll be able to make it and I may be bringing Doohickie along with me.

    By the way, I need your email address.

  3. Devin says:


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  6. […] word has been spreading. Our friends at Bike Denton are hosting the world’s first Denim Ride. It will be held on Saturday, January 23 – 1:30 and kicks off at the corner of Fry and […]

  7. […] word has been spreading. Our friends at Bike Denton are hosting the world’s first Denim Ride. It will be held on Saturday, January 23 – 1:30 and kicks off at the corner of Fry and […]

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  10. paul says:

    I live in FW and I’d like to come up for the Denim ride. What I’m wondering though, is where is a good place to park my car. It’d be a serious bummer to come back and find the car towed away.

  11. howard says:

    paul, on Hickory St where the ride starts, there is a long row of parking meters that are typically vacant on the weekends. If those are full, then a couple blocks down Hickory (past Welch) you can usually find a free street spot on the left side.

  12. Charlie says:

    Wish I could be there but it is my daughter’s 13 birthday. Hope I can make the next one. Have a great ride!

  13. Devin says:

    I’ve seen this ride posted on so many, non local blogs. Cant wait!

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