DentonPedicab Hiring Dec 28, Beginning Service on Jan 1

This year, Santa isn’t using a sleigh, he’s using PEDICABS.  In Denton.

This morning, while wrapping gifts and preparing for Christmas with relatives, I answered a knock on the door from Laurent Prouvost.  With snow swirling behind him and his baby daughter swaddled in blankets, Laurent explained that DentonPedicab LLC will be launching service on January 1, and they’re now taking application inquiries from anyone wanting to ride/drive for them.  They’ll eventually have 10-15 pedicabs, and we’ll soon see these large people-powered taxis transforming the visual aesthetic of downtown Denton street traffic.

Back in July, we blogged about Christine and Laurent’s pedicab proposal, and after the city mulled about whether or not to regular pedicab operation in Denton, the city’s legal team green-lighted the project with no regulation.

Since then, Christine and Laurent have raised funds and purchased some of the pedicabs, and we have photo proof!

They’ll be renting out advertising space on the back, as seen in this photo:

The proposed service will create jobs, reduce pollution, calm traffic, and provide a great service to move people between the UNT and TWU campuses, Fry St, the Denton square, and the DCTA A-train station.  With the NX35 music conference approaching in March, this service will prove incredibly convenient to smart attendees wanting to avoid driving and parking woes around venues.  These pedicabs will be bring people to the business on the square without any taxpayer dollars building a parking garage or striping additional spots.  The highly visible bicycles will increase cycling awareness and reinforce the cyclists’ legal rights to ride on Texas streets.

For anyone interested in riding for DentonPedicab, Laurent is holding a December 28 meeting at 3PM, 1801 Sena St.  We’ve heard countless cyclists say they would love to ride pedicabs, so now’s their chance!

You can contact DentonPedicab via email and phone:

Laurent Prouvost, President : : 940-312-8298

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4 thoughts on “DentonPedicab Hiring Dec 28, Beginning Service on Jan 1

  1. Congratulations on the business and good luck !

  2. lil J says:

    Hey grandpa, think you can proxy for me at this meeting? I really want to hear the details and throw my name in the hat but I’ll be headed up to work in Norman on Monday. Give me a shout and let me know. With piss and vinegar, lil J

  3. Spencer says:

    Can I work for you on Saturday nights?

  4. Devin says:

    Woops, I missed the meeting… I’ll email Laurent.

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