Aggressive Dog Alert : Duncan/Lakey St

For the first time, I wished I had pepper spray within easy reach.

I’ve been chased by dogs in every part of Denton, but never have the dogs been this aggressive, tireless, and persistent.  Usually dogs stop at their territorial boundary, and usually dogs get tired/discouraged.   For three miles these two cujos didn’t give up.  THREE crazy miles.

After a delicious (heavy) breakfast at Old West on Dallas Drive, we rode back on Duncan/Lakey through SE Denton, since the rail trail is closed.  Just after crossing the (closed) rail trail, two large, black, snarling, foaming-at-the-mouth dogs ran out and after us from a house on the West side of Duncan/Lakey.  As they snapped at Renee’s feet, I emptied a whole bottle of water in their faces, which they didn’t mind.  One managed to bite a few mouthfuls of Renee’s pannier bag.

I think they came from one of these houses in the 976 block of Duncan:

Then, the unthinkable.  They never turned around, they never backed down, and the never ran slower.  I led them off across SE Denton all the way to Mckinney, and let them chase me instead of Renee.  With the dogs snarling and literally snapping at my heels, I did about five laps around the Denton Police station until I could explain the ordeal to a patrol officer in the back parking lot.  By then I had finally outpaced the dogs, no easy task on a 50+ pound xtracycle, and the dogs trotted off into the field along the commuter rail line.

Animal Control doesn’t work on Sunday, and the officer didn’t think AC could catch these cujos, so be warned:  There are aggressive cycle-hating/chasing black dogs on Hill St.  If you encounter them, ride FAST and call the cops/animal control.  Update: Renee left the police station after I did and saw the AC truck circling near the station, so I guess they did come out on a Sunday.

Yeah, I kept the delicious Old West omelette down.

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One thought on “Aggressive Dog Alert : Duncan/Lakey St

  1. Ken says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I commute through that neighbohood at least twice a week. I’ll keep the pepper spray ready.

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